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decaydance land [
10/20/10 - 10:17pm


Introducing decaydanceland, a brand new challenge community revolving around Decaydance music.
Four teams compete against each other to win points.
Fall Out Boy / Panic! At The Disco / The Academy Is... / Cobra Starship

(~ learn more & sign up ~)
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Super rare FOB record! [
10/17/10 - 9:48pm

Hey! My friend is selling his autographed copy of the first pressing of Take This To Your Grave! It's super rare, there were only 500 pressed to black vinyl.

Here's the auction. Don't miss out!

From Under the Cork Tree clear gold vinyl LP for sale [
10/16/10 - 4:14pm

I'm selling my clear gold vinyl copy of From Under the Cork Tree on eBay.

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9/5/10 - 9:03pm


i have some fob magazines for sell here

Selling The Boy With The Thorn In His Side [
6/30/10 - 11:50am

Hey guys, I'm selling my copy of The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (read just once and then stored safely on a shelf) on ebay if anybody's interested!

Auction here

I may be willing to negotiate on price off of ebay, depending on the amount of interest I get.

Purge. [
6/7/10 - 12:07pm

I'm trying to purge myself of the rest of my band tee shirts and band-related tee shirts. Includes: Fall Out Boy, Clandestine, The Academy Is..., Panic! At The Disco, The Cab, This Providence, We The Kings, etc...

I'm also selling quite a few magazines.

Post Here.

clandestine marauder hoodie for sale on ebay! [
2/15/10 - 1:39pm


On ebay!


- rachel-marie


Marauder Hoodie + FUCT Gold Vinyl [
11/27/09 - 6:55pm

Marauder Hoodie - M*
It's in really good condition. I've only worn in a handful of times. There's no rips or anything.
*I'm 5'1" and under 100 lbs and it's not very big on me. The sleeves go just to my fingertips and the torso is a few inches too big.

Hoodie PicturesCollapse )

From Under The Cork Tree Gold Vinyl
Never played, always kept in it's sleeve. There's a small scratch on the front of the sleeve , no idea how it got there. But the vinyl is in perfect condition.

Vinyl PicturesCollapse )

Mkae offers.
Post here or email me at lorenangelina@yahoo.com

Stump Of Love [
8/3/09 - 12:53pm

Title: Stump Of Love
Disclaimer: I sadly don't own Patrick Stump. This is a work of fiction.
Rating: PG 13
Summary: It's down to four then two girls to win Patrick Stump heart on his reality show. Who will win?

7/16/09 - 3:21pm

The day is finally here! Watch the music video exclusively today at www.mtvmusic.com Open today, open yes, open your mind, open life, OPEN HAPPINESS!!!

Also, Check out pictures from the video shoot here! | Make sure you're following Open Happiness on Twitter for constant updates.

Patrick Stump on the set of "Open Happiness" [
7/13/09 - 11:12am

Open Happiness the music video is almost here and is set to premiere on MTV next week. While you wait, see Patrick Stump show us how to whistle and prove that a flight mask does in fact protect against an orange storm.

Patrick Stump on the set of the "Open Happiness"

There are also some great photos of Patrick on the set of the video here.

Make sure you follow Open Happiness on twitter for constant updates!

6/22/09 - 11:50am

Title : Of Hips and Hearts
Summary : Pete stares down at his hands - it's not that he's at a loss for words, it's just that the silence speaks volumes and Patrick said it better than he had ever felt it.
Author : motionlessly
Rating : PG

( Follow the fake cut )

6/19/09 - 10:27am

i want to sell my copy of THE BOY WITH THE THORN IN HIS SIDE by Pete Wentz.

i don't even think i've read it. or opened it more than 5x. haha. i don't know how much it costs but the one on ebay right now is going for pretty high. i figured i'd post to LJ first.

PAYPAL only please!

EDIT!!: i decided to sell it for $45 USD or best offer. (the one on ebay is selling for around 55). i'm super flexible on price so this isn't set!

and if it makes anyone happier i found a guitar pick i caught from a show in the book. i'll leave it there :]
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6/16/09 - 2:38am

i didn't see anything in the rules against this, but my apologies if it's not allowed.

i'm selling a fall out boy track jacket i bought on the fueled by ramen & friends tour about 4 years ago on ebay here. it's a size small and in pretty good condition (no signs of wear, the design isn't cracked/faded, etc.). i have the starting bid as $10 and it ends in 4ish days.

thanks :]

6/15/09 - 10:27pm


Hey, sorry if this isn't allowed.. just delete it =x.

I'm selling a bunch of t-shirts that are too small for me, including; My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, Xtina, Britney & other bands so please check it out if you're interested.

Thanks <3


Ashlee and Pete's Gay Marriage Portrait [
6/11/09 - 1:56pm


Ashlee and Pete's Gay Marriage Portrait

Today 7:20 AM PDT by

Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson Courtesy of NoH8

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz are keeping their mouths shut for gay marriage.

The couple are the latest celebs to take part in NOH8, a campaign supporting efforts to overturn Proposition 8.

They were shot by photographer Adam Bouska on Monday with the campaign's signature look: "NOH8" painted on their cheeks and duct tape over their mouths as a symbol of the pro-gay voices not being heard.

Ashlee also holds a wedding veil in the pic.

Which other rocker was in the studio with them? Find out after the jump…

Blink-182's Mark Hoppus also posed for NOH8.

Like the Wentzes, Hoppus took part in the big Hollywood rally and protest shortly after the California Supreme Court upheld the ban on same-sex unions.

"My son asked me one time, 'Some guys have girlfriends and some girls have boyfriends, but do boys sometimes have boyfriends?' " Hoppus told us at the rally. "I said, 'Yeah, all kinds of people love different kinds of people. And that's the world we live in.' "

Mark Hoppus, NoH8 Courtesy of NoH8

Bouska launched NOH8 with his partner Jeff Parshley in November after the passage of Prop 8.

Shanna Moakler and a gaggle of other former beauty queen titleholders posed for the campaign shortly after the Miss California Carrie Prejean controversy erupted in April.

—Reporting by Dahvi Shira


Get more Marc on Twitter @marcmalkin


check out the comments on the site. it's pretty nuts.


6/9/09 - 8:25pm

I need a few, wonderful, fall out boy fans to assist me with my video for (Coffee's for Closers) by Fall Out Boy. It's not on location, so all you need is a computer, camera and marker. Here's the info. I'm trying to reach as many people as possible and stop hate, labels and discrimination through this video...but I need more people to help me. So please help out, fellow Fall Out Boy fans. Please and Thank you.

5/7/09 - 8:24pm

Hey guys! I've had these two tshirts sitting around collecting dust and I'm in the process of cleaning out my stuff so I figured I'd give y'all the chance to snag these before I resorted to ebay. Both tshirts are YL and show no signs of wear because I only wore them a couple times. The Panic at the Disco shirt was bought from their first tour with Acceptance in August 2005 and the FOB one is obviously from that VMA thing. If you buy both I'll throw in the sticker (I have no idea where that came from, haha) and the patch (circa 2005) for free. Asking $15 for each plus shipping. Comments are screened or email me at sarahcatharina@tmail.com

pictures! warning: they're about 600x450Collapse )

"Open Happiness" remix contest on iMeem [
4/14/09 - 2:46pm


Now that you've been totally infected with the undeniable catchiness of "Open Happiness" -- featuring Cee-Lo, Janelle Monae, Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, Brendon Urie of Panic At the Disco, and Travis McCoy of Gym Class Hereos -- here's a chance to make yourself even happier:
super expensive awesome prizesCollapse )

MSN Celebrity Tweets of the month [
4/1/09 - 9:16pm

[ mood | sleepy ]

I was on MSN and this popped up in front of me, and I decided to have a look. And whose tweet should be on there? None other than Pete!

Pete Wentz
I'm thinking you should always wear something you love everyday. Cause you might get hit by a bus and who wants to die in sweatpants.



New Patrick Stump song [
3/27/09 - 1:03pm


it's got patrick, brendon, travis, cee-lo and janelle monae on it.

2/28/09 - 8:15am

[ mood | sore ]

Does anyone else read patrickstump.com?
I usually read it every other day, or if I remember lol.

His blogs have been deleted, well most of them up until early last year.
I enjoyed reading what he had to say.

Keep blogging patrick!


Rare Barskull necklace on ebay now [
2/22/09 - 6:33pm

$12 currently with reserve.

Buy it now is $75, it's from 2005.

its been bugging me for a while now.. [
2/13/09 - 11:26am

[ mood | curious ]

I had found an article with an interview with Patrick.
One of his quotes was "I don't like to talk about myself, because I'm boring."
Now, that's not word for word, but basically that's what it said.
It upsets me when I read what he has to say about himself.
He may be boring, but I'd rather be boring than have the world know my business.
You're "boring" because you keep to yourself and don't blab about your amazing rockstar lifestyle.
Oh and because you're not banging any famous chicks.
Which, aint no thang, sex is over rated anyway.
Personally Patrick, (if you're reading this, hello!) I think you deserve to have your face on the cover of People and I feel you deserve more respect than you get.

"But, I don't wanna be on the cover of People."

That's fine! I'm just saying man..
You've been looked at as the "chubby singer from FOB." Sure, that's the easy was to describe you, well the only way I know how.
When you say "Pete Wentz" everyone already knows who I'm talking about and what size shoe he wore when he was ten. A little ridiculous if you ask me. I hate knowing everything about someone..and I mean everything.
It totally ruins the surprise and there isn't anything left to chase.
its kinda like putting out the first date, you have nothing to look forward to.
All I can say is you're awesome Patrick. You have a great set of vocals and your voice makes me melt. Only sometimes, because the rest of the time, I'm struggling to hear what you're really saying. LOL
ie: "oh so into cats."
Name that tune!

Regardless, you're band writes and performs amazing songs that I've enjoyed over the years.
I appreciate it and I can't wait to see you guys soon.
(Fob virgin ftw.)
You'll be in Vegas baby, maybe I'll run into you.
Cause, I'd totally buy you a drank.

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FOB at the Pearl, Las Vegas 4/5/09 [
2/12/09 - 8:01pm

due to an unexpected issue with work, i can no longer go to this show. so if someone needs tickets, you can find mine here:


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