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its been bugging me for a while now..

I had found an article with an interview with Patrick.
One of his quotes was "I don't like to talk about myself, because I'm boring."
Now, that's not word for word, but basically that's what it said.
It upsets me when I read what he has to say about himself.
He may be boring, but I'd rather be boring than have the world know my business.
You're "boring" because you keep to yourself and don't blab about your amazing rockstar lifestyle.
Oh and because you're not banging any famous chicks.
Which, aint no thang, sex is over rated anyway.
Personally Patrick, (if you're reading this, hello!) I think you deserve to have your face on the cover of People and I feel you deserve more respect than you get.

"But, I don't wanna be on the cover of People."

That's fine! I'm just saying man..
You've been looked at as the "chubby singer from FOB." Sure, that's the easy was to describe you, well the only way I know how.
When you say "Pete Wentz" everyone already knows who I'm talking about and what size shoe he wore when he was ten. A little ridiculous if you ask me. I hate knowing everything about someone..and I mean everything.
It totally ruins the surprise and there isn't anything left to chase.
its kinda like putting out the first date, you have nothing to look forward to.
All I can say is you're awesome Patrick. You have a great set of vocals and your voice makes me melt. Only sometimes, because the rest of the time, I'm struggling to hear what you're really saying. LOL
ie: "oh so into cats."
Name that tune!

Regardless, you're band writes and performs amazing songs that I've enjoyed over the years.
I appreciate it and I can't wait to see you guys soon.
(Fob virgin ftw.)
You'll be in Vegas baby, maybe I'll run into you.
Cause, I'd totally buy you a drank.
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